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Wednesday, 01 Jun 2016
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Media Review

The Media Review, a Caspari Center exclusive, is an English-language weekly synopsis of articles originally published in the Israeli press. The Media Review focuses primarily on Messianic Jews, Jewish-Christian relations, and Christians in the Holy Land. This vital chronicle was started by the UCCI (United Christian Council of Israel) in 1977 and traces developments in attitudes toward Israeli Messianic Jews and Christians in the land. The Media Review is available for free via email to our subscribers. A complete archive of the reviews and the original article clippings is available in the Caspari Center library in Jerusalem. Reviews from recent years are also available online.

Please note that the review edits articles for length, but quotes the actual content of the articles without assessing the truthfulness or accuracy of what is reported. In order to make the collected material valuable for research, articles are quoted or translated verbatim. For example, the name Jesus in Hebrew may be rendered Yeshu or Yeshua. The choice made by the author reflects a certain attitude toward Jesus and his followers. For this reason, the name is not edited in the review. The quoted articles do not reflect the views of the Caspari Center or the Messianic movement in Israel. In many instances, references to Messianic believers and Christians in the land may be biased and prejudiced. The views presented in the review, positive or negative, are documented in order that the reader might gain insight into attitudes toward believers in Israeli society and the development of Jewish-Christian relations in the land.

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