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Wednesday, 02 Dec 2015
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Singles Ministry 

The body of believers in Israel is numerically small. The average single person in a typical Israeli congregation is surrounded by families with children, older couples, and perhaps a few other singles in their age group. Since singles tend to make up such a small percentage of the average congregation in Israel, the teaching that would provide helpful tools for them on subjects like seeking a godly spouse or the challenges and opportunities of living the single life has been infrequent at best and completely absent at worst. Some singles may search for a potential spouse in another congregation or even decide to pursue a mate outside the fellowship of believers.

How can young singles be encouraged to understand God's will for their lives here and now in the congregation where they're already committed? Where can they learn about matters relating to the single life and preparing for marriage?

The Caspari Center, in partnership with HaGefen Publishing, is responding to this need. We want to provide singles in Israel with support, encouragement, and wholesome teaching on singleness and marriage in a safe, spiritually healthy atmosphere conducive to fellowship.

In October 2010, we organized our first singles' seminar. This groundbreaking seminar, the first of its kind on a national level in Israel, was an opportunity for singles from different congregations from all over Israel to learn about God's purposes for single life and marriage, and to fellowship together in a congenial setting. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and were inundated by requests to organize activities which would provide more opportunities for fellowship and teaching.

Since then, we've been putting together seminars as well as more informal events such as overnight hiking trips and gatherings with a focus on group discussion.

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