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Tuesday, 24 May 2016
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Stamp Fund Scholarships

The Caspari Center wishes to encourage young Israeli believers to engage in studies that will equip them for service in local congregations and ministries in Israel. Each year, we select several local students to receive financial help so they can study theology, education, counseling, and other subjects that will strengthen the body of believers in Israel.

Scholarships from the Caspari Center's scholarship fund (the Stamp Fund) are available only for Israeli citizens and permanent residents who are members of a local congregation. The application deadline is October 31 each year.

If you would like more information or to apply for a scholarship, contact us.

Additional funding for the scholarship fund is raised by collecting used stamps from all over the world and reselling them to collectors. If you would like to collect and donate stamps for the fund, please send stamps to: Caspari Center, P.O. Box 46, Jerusalem 91000, Israel.