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Thursday, 26 May 2016
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Studies and Research

The Caspari Center offers teaching and encourages studies and academic research in a wide variety of fields. However, our primary focus is on two main areas of study: Messianic Judaism and the Jewish background of the Christian faith.

a. Messianic Judaism, or the movement of Jewish believers in Jesus, can be said to be as old as the church (the ekklesia of the New Testament). Yet, for most of the history of the Christian faith, Jewish believers in Jesus have constituted a small and almost invisible minority in a primarily Gentile church. In the last 150 years, a new movement of Jewish believers in Jesus has emerged. These believers choose to maintain their Jewish identity and life while worshipping Yeshua as Lord and Messiah. In recent decades, the Messianic movement has grown and is in the process of developing a more distinct yet diverse identity, theology, and practice. The Caspari Center's goal is to research and document Messianic history and these more recent developments for the benefit of the movement itself and for the wider church body.

b. Understanding the Jewish background of the Christian faith is vital for a full understanding of Scripture and for effectively reaching out with the gospel of Christ. The Caspari Center offers courses and publishes materials that open up the Bible for modern readers. Our resources include teaching about the physical geography of the land, the social make up of ancient Jewish/Israelite society, and insights into the Jewish texts and traditions with which the New Testament writers and early believers interacted.

The following is a list of our current study programs, courses, publications, and research projects:


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