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Monday, 30 May 2016
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Ministry Resources 

The Caspari Center is committed to producing and publishing resources for ministry use in Israel. There is a great need for locally-produced, relevant literature for Messianic believers in Israel. The areas of greatest need include materials for children and youth, parents, children's and youth workers, and Bible teachers. Some translated materials exist, but they are not always appropriate for the Israeli context.

Over the years, we have produced Bibles, activity books for children, song books, Bible studies, leadership training materials, books on parenting, and materials for youth ministry, discipleship, and evangelism. We are always listening to the congregations we serve in order to assess what sorts of new materials we should produce.

To see some of the books and materials we have produced in the past, go to our online store.

The following are some of our more recent publications, and resources still under development:


Youth Leader Manual

Activity Books

Alpha Course Material

Raising Children in the Fear of the Lord

Hebrew-Amharic Diglot Bible